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Invoking Starfinder–Opening the doorways to dark hidden spaces

Astrological Samhain

I Invoked Starfinder after having introduced to him this past weekend. I cannot repeat the Invocation here but maybe I will write a poem to Starfinder at the end of this. I repeated it over and over, and slowly dropped into a trance state. I asked Starfinder to show me what I need to know, what I need to learn.

Soon, I was flying through the black sky, lit up by stars. We were moving quickly, flying chaotically and I felt like endlessly. We approached what looked like a patch of clouds. I was reminded of being in my high school meditation group. My teacher would always have us imagine our minds and the blue sky, and our thoughts as clouds. If thoughts came up, imagine them and clouds and watch them as they float by. This dark cloud felt like that—something obsuring the clarity of my inner landscape. We approached it, and Starfinder parted the clouds. I saw there an image of myself as a child. Curly haired, pouty lipped me in my grade school classroom. Yelling at the top of my lungs “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” over and over again. Sad little child. It became clear to me that there are many issues I hold on to, stories from my childhood that I continue to tell myself. I need to release these, by all means available. Kala, white fire, uncrossings. Yes.

I travelled with Starfinder again, this time to another dark cloud. As he parted the mists, a large force of water came rushing out, spilling in all directions. The lesson, water is a powerful force within me. All encompassing, pervasive and it can go everywhere if not directed by any other energies. Water can be comtained rigidly, like a dam or softly, like a meandering creek. But for the sake of the ecosystem, it must find some path to cooperation, cohabitation and even control, within the context of the other elements. Yes.

Third cloud. The misty dark clouds parted, a pen was there. Sitting simply. Writing, expression holds power for me, it is the direction I am heading on a number of levels. Step into it. Write often, consistently, and about many subjects.

Then we danced together.

Ok, Starfinder. I get the message(s).

I feel you often, and strongly as a winged being, whose edges are ephemeral. Formless and yet tangible. Glowing, directed, unpredictable, passionate, in constant motion, erotic.

Invokation to Starfinder
Winged angel of the black night sky,
Edgewalker whose name is Starfinder, Blessed Guardian of the East,
I invoke you, I invoke you, I invoke you!
You who sings sweetly to us of our own unfolding mystery. Who gently blows at our backs, nudging us along our path. You who is always at our backs.
Great keeper of the mysteries of the element of Air, I call to you softly and with honey breath.
Hold me in your luminous presence, I place by heartmindbody inside your embrace.