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Entering the temple of Air


The magic of Fall is coming and with it, connection to vision, resonance, inner darkness.

Today, I met with my teacher who introduced me to the Temple of Air. What’s funny to me about working with the elements is how, when you think you know all there is to know about your relationship to an element, something else arises. In this case, I realized the ways that I hold self-judgement around being fully present with the power of Air. As a recovering academic, I spend a lot of time in my head and when I get overwhelmed, I tend to get spacey, unfocused, my mental processing starts to feel like trying to walk through foggy mists. I then get incredibly frustrated and angry towards myself for not being able to function at full capacity, which even further affects my powers of expression. This affects me in ritual when I feel hindered in how I express myself verbally, in my work when my writing gets muddy and in countless other areas of my life. As we held space for the Air Temple, I realized how this disempowers me and how I am not fully honoring the balance of the elements within myself when I get into this self-defeating cycle.

I also discovered how, when I could push past that judgement, just how much power rests in Air. I used to think of Air as sort of, shall I say…the flaky element. It reminded me of airy-fairy ungrounded hippie girls I knew when I was 19. I associated more with the transformative power of fire, the deep emotional wave of the water element. Boy, was I wrong. Entering the Temple of Air I felt my mind clear as the sky in a springtime meadow. My senses were heightened. My powers of perception were fully embodied and fully present.

I look forward to working a lot with Air this month. I am excited to think that if I can move past self-judgement, the powers of expression, thought to power to action, communication and self-efficacy that await me!