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Oh inner critic! Oh the stories you tell!

Dear Inner Critic,

I write this to you in my kind, gentle voice I use when talking to someone I care for very much who is having a hard time. You know that voice? Even, compassionate and soft.

I know that you come from deep within Fetch. Fetch who brings past and future into Present at all times. Who cannot distinguish unresolved childhood anguish from a small, workplace spat. I know that Talker hears Fetch and is instantly triggered, and begins to tell grand tales of this and that. You are heard, and you are honored. These tales, they are tall and wide. They have their place. They are Teachers that come from a primordial place and are full of truth, fiction and everything in between.

Knowing you, seeing you for what you are. There is power in that. I do not judge, I am witnessing.

Blessed love,

Lalita Devi