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Temple of Hathor

“To risk all is the end all and the beginning all.” -Bjork

I have worshipped in the Temple of Hathor. The Temple of Earthly Delights.

It takes the strenuous, heartfelt peeling back of layers to be able to truly know you’re hearts desire and to ask the gods for it. And then, it takes a courageous leap of faith to be able to recognize those gifts when offered to you. But when you do, and then step into the Temple, She is magnanimous, generous and patient. Start with, what my boss calls, the “low hanging fruit.” Start with those things that are on the tip of your tongue, the edges of your heart if you have to, and work inward. Dance, shake off those things that hold you back.

I am no High Priestess. But I have worshipped in the Temple of Hathor. Flesh, skin, sacred sensuality and connection. And by taking that risk, of asking with my whole heart, feeling the layers peel back and letting the Universe in. Makes me the Priestess of my Own Life.


Hello Blue God

Today I learned that Dian y Glas is a bottom and Melek Taus is a top 🙂

Some songs for the fluid and sensuous Blue God of Feri, for all that they encompass.