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opened the gates of power….now time for a nap

Is it just me, or is this holiday exhausting? I just spent an entire day in recovery mode from Samhain rituals, gatherings, and events. They were wonderful, powerful, intense, but also incredibly social events. And what else would you expect around Haloween?

But, but….isn’t there something strange about that? Namely, that we are supposed to: simultaneously do very personal ancestor work during this Holiday, and also participate in all kinds of extroverted celebrations. Now, I admit it. I’m not at peace with my mighty dead. Having had a parent pass over recently without having any resolution to our complex, estranged relationship probably plays a big role. So perhaps for others who work a lot with their ancestors, or have a better relationship with them, then it makes sense. For me, I have found opening the gates to the ancestor realm to be exhausting. Useful, yes. Healing, yes yes. But, also very draining.

I guess my point here is simple. Samhain is a loaded time for us pagans, and then you add Haloween on top of it and basically it’s a huge clusterfuck of ritual, party, energy work, slutty costumes, and drunkness. Whoa! See? Too much! I love it, but you know what else? It raises in me the fundamental need for deep self-care and for permission. Massive amounts of permission. To be gentle, to be introverted and quiet. To let the ancestors whisper softly. Or, perhaps to find some other meaning in this time if ancestor work is too much right now. The thinning veil, it can be beneficial to other workings. Divination, kitchen witchery, journaling, rest, contemplation. I give myself permission for that. I hope you do too 🙂