Monthly Archives: February 2013

On losing direction…..and finding it, and losing it again

In 2012, something amazing happened in my life. I met someone, I fell in love, we moved in together. I met this lovely man at a time when my spiritual practice was rich and potent. At the time, I was working closely with the Feri Guardians and specifically with the Guardian of Air to help me to speak my power. And then, oh my my my. My heart a-flutter, touch and sacred sexuality and exploration. It’s been a fun year 🙂 But, the juicy, daily practice went sideways.

Now, my relationship is quite stable and happy and has moved in the direction of solid, beautiful partnership. All of that fluid, dynamic, sensual, sexual connection still flows but I also had to take a close, hard look at where that other part of my practice went. The chop wood, carry water part.

Looking back on this past year, I firmly believe that my commitment to my daily Feri spiritual practice helped me to build and harness my power, to create inner strength and alignment. From that, a blossoming occurred that took me away from my altar for a bit. Now, I am called back. Why? Because it is the part where I express curiosity and engagement with my own divinity, myself, and the beating heart of the multiverse humming humming at me. Stepping away has helped me to realize that this is a life-long journey, with no particular timeline. You pick it up and do the work. You put it down and engage with the mysteries in subtle and overt ways. It is never not working me, it just shifts form.

At points in our life, we have to allow the flexibility to change course. However, as a humble and practiced Divine Goddess of My Own Life 2012 has taught me one thing — sometimes you work the magic, and sometimes the magic works you. I breathe through the spaces and openings as I step greater into the beautiful blessing of my own unfolding.