I had the magician come up for me recently in a tarot reading. The reading was about my career and the path I am currently on, and I was seeking guidance on how to direct my energies moving forward. In the reading, I AM the magician. The tarot reader explained that, in this situation there is no difference between my will and divine will. Another powerful element of this reading, which was a celtic cross, were the first two cards: Ace of Cups and Ace of Pentacles. The true nature of success lies in following passion, intuition. Finding a way to live with my heart open is intertwined with earthly successes like money and career.

I am the magician. I have to take a deep breath to fully let that settle. What would the magician do? When given the set of choices I have in front of me.

When is the right time to seek security and predictability in life, and when is the right time to take risks. This is what I am struggling with. When does the magician go home, put their tools neatly in place and gather strength and when does she do the alchemical work, the journey work, the transformative work. Obviously, both can occur simultaneously. Another thing that occurs to me strongly, is the need to acknowledge the way I am already striking this balance in my own life and sit with what resonates about that balance currently. Does it feel right? What is working? What about my current situation needs to change to allow the magician to fully shine?

As we approach the (secular) new year, these are the questions I am reflecting upon. What do I bring with me, what is already working? What do I leave behind.

Luckily, the magician in this circumstance can make no mistakes — the journey and the destination are one!


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