living in resonance

I am slowly waking up to the areas of my own life where I have been silent, or not listening, to the messages that were coming. Some big esoteric messages and some very practical ones. Starfinder, playing with Him, and feeling the presence of this guardian in my life has brought to light for me many facets and realities invoked in resonance.

Resonance. When I first think of this word, I imagine a bell chiming on a clear silent day, it’s tone reverberating through trees and buildings and other sound barriers. The way that sound from a single note played from a violin vibrates from the warmth of the wood of the instrument, outward. I’ve also been reflecting on how true sound/thought/action vibrates within different dimensions and timescapes. Sometimes, a brief interaction or connection with another being, if it truly resonates, can cause dramatic changes in the course of a life. Maybe this doesn’t happen right away, but is triggered by something else that happens decades later. It is the impact that our most vivid memories of the past have on our present, and our future.

How I can come to be fully present in a state of resonance? So that the whispers, the tones, the hum of the gods, the angels, the fey, the ancestors can be heard clear as a bell. So that the way I love and relate to the people in my life is full of synchronicity, clarity, intuition and other resonant states? It requires so much faith, in myself, in the divinity of all and it requires a lot of courage to step forward and be fully present even when the reality that you are facing feels really hard. In my own life, I have really struggled with this.

My fall back has been withdrawing and numbing when faced with big challenges, especially those that are most personal to me. I do not turn my back on this fact, I embrace it. I move forward, though, knowing that stepping into resonance is required right now for stepping fully into power. I feel the wind at my back, a force of nature pushing me forward. Sometimes a tornado, sometimes a cool breeze. But always always present, embodied, expressive. I am living, breathing and flowing in resonance.


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