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Temple of Hathor

“To risk all is the end all and the beginning all.” -Bjork

I have worshipped in the Temple of Hathor. The Temple of Earthly Delights.

It takes the strenuous, heartfelt peeling back of layers to be able to truly know you’re hearts desire and to ask the gods for it. And then, it takes a courageous leap of faith to be able to recognize those gifts when offered to you. But when you do, and then step into the Temple, She is magnanimous, generous and patient. Start with, what my boss calls, the “low hanging fruit.” Start with those things that are on the tip of your tongue, the edges of your heart if you have to, and work inward. Dance, shake off those things that hold you back.

I am no High Priestess. But I have worshipped in the Temple of Hathor. Flesh, skin, sacred sensuality and connection. And by taking that risk, of asking with my whole heart, feeling the layers peel back and letting the Universe in. Makes me the Priestess of my Own Life.


living in resonance

I am slowly waking up to the areas of my own life where I have been silent, or not listening, to the messages that were coming. Some big esoteric messages and some very practical ones. Starfinder, playing with Him, and feeling the presence of this guardian in my life has brought to light for me many facets and realities invoked in resonance.

Resonance. When I first think of this word, I imagine a bell chiming on a clear silent day, it’s tone reverberating through trees and buildings and other sound barriers. The way that sound from a single note played from a violin vibrates from the warmth of the wood of the instrument, outward. I’ve also been reflecting on how true sound/thought/action vibrates within different dimensions and timescapes. Sometimes, a brief interaction or connection with another being, if it truly resonates, can cause dramatic changes in the course of a life. Maybe this doesn’t happen right away, but is triggered by something else that happens decades later. It is the impact that our most vivid memories of the past have on our present, and our future.

How I can come to be fully present in a state of resonance? So that the whispers, the tones, the hum of the gods, the angels, the fey, the ancestors can be heard clear as a bell. So that the way I love and relate to the people in my life is full of synchronicity, clarity, intuition and other resonant states? It requires so much faith, in myself, in the divinity of all and it requires a lot of courage to step forward and be fully present even when the reality that you are facing feels really hard. In my own life, I have really struggled with this.

My fall back has been withdrawing and numbing when faced with big challenges, especially those that are most personal to me. I do not turn my back on this fact, I embrace it. I move forward, though, knowing that stepping into resonance is required right now for stepping fully into power. I feel the wind at my back, a force of nature pushing me forward. Sometimes a tornado, sometimes a cool breeze. But always always present, embodied, expressive. I am living, breathing and flowing in resonance.

Hello Blue God

Today I learned that Dian y Glas is a bottom and Melek Taus is a top 🙂

Some songs for the fluid and sensuous Blue God of Feri, for all that they encompass.

The House of Love song

Oh, I do heart reclaiming chants so much. This one is definitely one of my favorites.

The House of Love

Take off your head (mask)
Put it on the ground (Smash it on the ground, Bury it in the ground)
That’s how you enter
The house of love
I wanna stay in my body
I ‘m gonna be here a long time

– by Contraband

Oh inner critic! Oh the stories you tell!

Dear Inner Critic,

I write this to you in my kind, gentle voice I use when talking to someone I care for very much who is having a hard time. You know that voice? Even, compassionate and soft.

I know that you come from deep within Fetch. Fetch who brings past and future into Present at all times. Who cannot distinguish unresolved childhood anguish from a small, workplace spat. I know that Talker hears Fetch and is instantly triggered, and begins to tell grand tales of this and that. You are heard, and you are honored. These tales, they are tall and wide. They have their place. They are Teachers that come from a primordial place and are full of truth, fiction and everything in between.

Knowing you, seeing you for what you are. There is power in that. I do not judge, I am witnessing.

Blessed love,

Lalita Devi

Invoking Starfinder–Opening the doorways to dark hidden spaces

Astrological Samhain

I Invoked Starfinder after having introduced to him this past weekend. I cannot repeat the Invocation here but maybe I will write a poem to Starfinder at the end of this. I repeated it over and over, and slowly dropped into a trance state. I asked Starfinder to show me what I need to know, what I need to learn.

Soon, I was flying through the black sky, lit up by stars. We were moving quickly, flying chaotically and I felt like endlessly. We approached what looked like a patch of clouds. I was reminded of being in my high school meditation group. My teacher would always have us imagine our minds and the blue sky, and our thoughts as clouds. If thoughts came up, imagine them and clouds and watch them as they float by. This dark cloud felt like that—something obsuring the clarity of my inner landscape. We approached it, and Starfinder parted the clouds. I saw there an image of myself as a child. Curly haired, pouty lipped me in my grade school classroom. Yelling at the top of my lungs “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” over and over again. Sad little child. It became clear to me that there are many issues I hold on to, stories from my childhood that I continue to tell myself. I need to release these, by all means available. Kala, white fire, uncrossings. Yes.

I travelled with Starfinder again, this time to another dark cloud. As he parted the mists, a large force of water came rushing out, spilling in all directions. The lesson, water is a powerful force within me. All encompassing, pervasive and it can go everywhere if not directed by any other energies. Water can be comtained rigidly, like a dam or softly, like a meandering creek. But for the sake of the ecosystem, it must find some path to cooperation, cohabitation and even control, within the context of the other elements. Yes.

Third cloud. The misty dark clouds parted, a pen was there. Sitting simply. Writing, expression holds power for me, it is the direction I am heading on a number of levels. Step into it. Write often, consistently, and about many subjects.

Then we danced together.

Ok, Starfinder. I get the message(s).

I feel you often, and strongly as a winged being, whose edges are ephemeral. Formless and yet tangible. Glowing, directed, unpredictable, passionate, in constant motion, erotic.

Invokation to Starfinder
Winged angel of the black night sky,
Edgewalker whose name is Starfinder, Blessed Guardian of the East,
I invoke you, I invoke you, I invoke you!
You who sings sweetly to us of our own unfolding mystery. Who gently blows at our backs, nudging us along our path. You who is always at our backs.
Great keeper of the mysteries of the element of Air, I call to you softly and with honey breath.
Hold me in your luminous presence, I place by heartmindbody inside your embrace.